Sprints, Blocks & Kanban: A 2 Person StartUp Dev Team

Sprints, Blocks & Kanban: A 2 Person StartUp Dev Team

Max and I are the whole dev team at Kitables. We built the website, we’re planning the architecture of our internal inventory site, and we handle everything tech related from running the servers to project management.

We didn’t want all planning to go out the window just because we’re a tiny company. We want to write good, maintainable code in an efficient manner. We’ve started using Taiga.io (it is BEAUTIFUL), which just launched and is a great tool for sprint planning. All the features we need go on our Kanban, we move features onto our sprint and break them out into subtasks, and our CEO is able to view our progress and contribute. My favorite part is that Taiga challenges you to do tasks outside of your comfort zone (affectionately referred to as iocaine doses on their site) and lets the rest of the team know how many outlandish tasks you have on your plate.

Our current site (kitables.co) is powered by a Django backend. We are planning on trashing the site and building a new e-commerce site in Javascript that’s powered by our Node.js API. The API will also power the internal inventory site.

So there it is–a look into the dev life of a tiny startup. Let us know if you have questions or comments!

– Molly

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