0 To Company Real Quick: A CEO's Guide

0 To Company Real Quick: A CEO's Guide

Kitables went from idea to two product launches in a little over three months, and all of it was done while each person in the company held at least 1-2 other jobs. Here's how to do that:

1. Get yourself an idea. Not just any idea, but one you can completely throw your heart and soul (and all your free time) behind. Money is nice, but you won’t be making any for awhile so you are going to have to love what you’re building.

2. Find some immensely talented individuals and convince them that you “got this” or at least that your idea is worth following.

3. Start brushing up on how to:
– Lead a group of your peers (more like a directed collaboration)
– Learn from everyone and don’t be afraid to ask for help

– Organize your project management, establish timelines, and set milestone deadlines – there are more than a few software programs to keep it all straight

– SPREADSHEETS (they own you now – learn to embrace it)

– Swallow your pride and know that not every battle is worth fighting

– Multi-task like you have never multitasked before

– The work day is all day, everyday

– Say thank you and apologize like you mean it

4. Know that sometimes a can of tuna and pork rinds are dinner, and sometimes a workout solely consists of burpees for 10 min.

5. Get used to the fact that your job is a billion little things that no one will ever see and most of that is either spent talking or on spreadsheets.

6. Get it done! Seriously whatever “it” is, do it now!

7. Love every damn minute.

– Arieann

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