Captain Builder Gets Stuck on an Island! - Kitables Comic Adventure

Captain Builder Gets Stuck on an Island! - Kitables Comic Adventure

A Kitables Adventure with The Drone Commander

Captain Builder is awoken by a cool breeze to find he has crashed onto a deserted island. With no signs life or rescue, the Captain must think fast! “I need a way out of here” said Captain Builder.

As luck would have it, the Captain’s cell phone still worked and had a solid bar of service. Woo-hoo! He needs to quickly find a drone that he can easily build and fly him out of this tough spot. There are many blogs and instructions for Lego Drones online, but he would have to buy the parts from different stores. His phone battery can’t handle that level of ordering. Plus, it will take weeks for everything to arrive. In frustration he yelled out, “I won’t make it if I wait for every piece to ship… I need a simple kit with every part included!”

The Captain will only have one shot at this so he needs a drone design that has been thoroughly tested. Finally, he comes upon and orders the all inclusive Lego Drone Kit. Everything he needs, with instructions, all in one box. The package is quickly delivered via parachute. Captain Builder begins to build the kit right there on the beach. “60 minutes until I launch off this island!” he exclaimed.

After successfully completing the project, our newest drone pilot calibrated the flight controller and entered the flight plan data for home. After preparing everything, the drone commander stepped aboard his newly built Lego drone and proclaimed…

“Let’s fly!!!”

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