Get The Whole Family Making

Get The Whole Family Making

Some of you might of read the title of this article and think, “get the whole family making…making what???”

At Kitables, we curate, think up, design and create some of the most fun maker kits around. We designed our projects to make the building process just as enjoyable as the final result.


We have a few project ideas that easily involve everyone from kids to grandparents. We believe that building can bring families together; passing down skills from one generation to the next. Just as a grandmother passes along a cookie recipe to her grandchildren. A father passes along soldering skills to his daughter or an aunt passes along her passion for chemistry to all of her nieces and nephews.During the upcoming holiday season, you’ll spend a lot of time with family and friends.

The experience of building a project with your own hands often makes you feel pride, satisfaction, and joy. To experience this sense of accomplishment with family is where the real holiday magic happens. The memories of working together to  complete a project will last long after the final present is opened.

bismuth-crystal-aKitables kits have a little fun for everyone, whether your passion is chemistry, aviation, fashion, art/crafts or just general tinkering.

Take for example our Bismuth Crystal Kit. This chemistry kit can be enjoyed by all ages. Start off with a 1lb chunk of Bismuth ignot and watch it transform to a beautiful iridescent crystal! This is a great project to dip your toes into the fields of metallurgy and element collection, or just serves as a good excuse to play with molten metal!

lego-drone-aHands down, our most popular kit is the Kitables Lego Drone. This kit includes Legos and a bit engineering and aviation education. The whole family can get involved in both building and flying. Don’t worry, pilot skills are not required. This drone it is built for impact! If a piece comes off after hitting your ceiling, you can always redesign and rebuild!

Want to play some holiday tunes? Our Bluetooth Speaker Kit is just the one for you. With this kit, you’ll learn about amplification and how sound travels while creating a fun product that everyone can enjoy. Whether it’s Grandma’s classics or your cousin’s latest techno remix, just pair your smartphone and take the holiday music room to room! You’ll be the hit of the party!

Finally, go green this holiday season by building one of our solar chargers. Through this kit, you’ll explore new technology such as solar power and open your world to technology and the environment. This kits is available in either a Lego or wood case. Everyone around the table will want to click together some legos and then they’ll fight over who gets to charge their phone. The solar power gives you a good excuse to step outside.

The holiday season is the perfect time to be with friends and family. Building a Kitables kit enhances this time with a unique bonding experience. So, this year, add some Kitables kits to the celebration and begin a new tradition of learning by embracing the maker in all of you.




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