5 Projects For Seniors

5 Projects For Seniors

Are your seniors falling asleep at the Bingo table? Have they done the same project so many times they practically live in a room full of cluttered old crafts?  It’s time to change it up!

We at Kitables give people the confidence to build. We want people of all ages to learn and enjoy the process of creating something with your own two hands, that’s why we want to challenge you to mix up the activities for your seniors. Are you ready to help them to try something new or inspire a new way of thinking?

Here are 5 Kit-based Projects that can help you do just that:

  1. Night Light Cube Kit

Fun, easy, and practical this kit will give your seniors the perfect project to take home at the end of the day. They can even choose to light up the room with their preferred color of red, green, blue, or white. This kit uses LED lights that don’t get hot like light bulbs do so your seniors can add their own creativity by applying their favorite themed stickers or even add some small paint work to the outside.

This kit takes around 30 minutes to complete and your seniors will only need to be able to use a hot glue gun.

  1. Bismuth Crystal Kit

Grow beautiful Bismuth Crystals out of molten metal and watch them transform before your own eyes! With this kit we provide you with a block of raw bismuth, which alone is a beautiful rock like element. Your seniors will then melt down this piece of bismuth using the provided Aluminum Crucible and after some time will remove a beautiful crystal. This process is fascinating for anyone to see and easy to complete. As an added bonus these crystals make great finished gifts for grandkids or friends!

This kit takes around 45 minutes to complete and your seniors will need access to either a hot plate or stovetop.

  1. Soldering

For the more advanced tinkerers in the room, soldering is a great skill to learn! Soldering is essentially gluing with metal so that you can conduct electricity across wires, circuits and more! Many seniors with mechanical or trade backgrounds might already have this skill but any senior can learn this. Click here for a tutorial from for more information on how to solder!

Soldering guns are inexpensive and a tool that can be used by many for years!

  1. USB Charger Kit

Ready to put your seniors’ soldering skills to the test? Of course you are! This simple USB Charger is not only a great introduction to soldering but also is an awesome completed project to have! Your seniors will beam with pride each time they reach to plug in their tablet / cell phone into the the Charger they created themselves. Bonus Tip: The wood casing is great to customize, allow the creative juices to flow!

This kit takes around 45 minutes to complete and your seniors will need to access to soldering tools. 

  1. Have a Maker Day

Once your seniors have completed their projects allow them to show them off! Host a “Maker Day” where they can bring in projects they completed and show about how they were created. You can also have extra materials available for practice soldering sessions and tinkering!

We are always looking for feedback to improve our existing kits to make them more “senior friendly” and ideas to create new ones that your seniors will love! Please contact us at Happy Making!

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