Let's Build

Why We Created Kitables :


We are on a mission to create a world with more builders in it. Chances are you are or know a builder: they are everywhere from your local artist/writer to leading technology entrepreneurs. Builders solve problems; they are creatives, the movers and shakers of this world seeing opportunity where others see none. It is for these reasons the world needs more of them, and for these reasons that we’ve created Kitables.

We Are:



Builders who give others the confidence to build



In the business of making problem solvers





We Believe:



Building is FUN


Everyone has the ability to build


Education is not the only reason to build





We Are Not:



Hung up on age requirements


Educational Backgrounds


or Prior Experience





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What People Are saying About Us

Heckin Fun

"Had a great time. The battery pack is great, the atmosphere was light and fun. Definitely worth the purchase. I plan on doing the drone even next."
Everett W.

"I had a great time. I am enjoying my LEGO solar panel charger. I did the building and soldering. I was able to move at my own pace and still receive instructions for where I was at the in the building process"
Brooke G.

" Much of the buzz around ‘making’ is centered around young people, especially young men, with a focus on electronics and programming. Kitables wants to make sure that a fifty or sixty year old inspired by the maker spirit can pick up a kit of parts and build a quadcopter with no experience."

- Tom Spendlove, Engineering.com

"Easy to build Mini Lego Drone is the stuff of childhood dreams"

- Luke Dormehl, Digital Trends

Awesome Kit

"I teach an Engineering class and bought the complete kit for students to design and 3d print their chassis using the parts. Everything came complete and easy to use !"

-Maryann C.