Kitables At The 2016 Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest

Kitables At The 2016 Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest

The Kitables team had a lot of fun at the 2016 Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest held at the Boulder Fairgrounds. Besides the one time where someone got a hold of the Lego Drone controller and took it for a brief unauthorized flight, the event went off without a hitch. The paracord watch building activity we held at our booth turned out to be much more popular than we anticipated. In fact, we ended up using all of the kit materials we brought to the fair.

When we weren’t helping people build paracord watches at our booth, we were having lots of fun educating booth visitors about our various kits. We got to explain how element 83, bismuth can be melted down and using the tools in our Bismuth Crystal Kit, be reformed into beautiful bismuth crystals.

We also got to explain how our Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot’s Arduino Uno is utilized to help it to solve a Rubik’s Cube. While our Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot was not running during the fair, we had lots of visitors coming to our booth solving the Rubik’s cube for us (the fastest was approximately 12 seconds).

When things slowed down towards the end of the day, we took our Lego Drone for a few quick flights in front of our booth (failing at landing it every time).

We can’t wait for next year’s Rocky Mountain Steam Fest, and hope to see you there!

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