Father's Day 2016: Best DIY Kits For Dad

Father's Day 2016: Best DIY Kits For Dad

If you’re just now looking for a present for the Dads in your life, it’s ok, you’re not alone. That said, don’t give away your procrastination by picking up the usual tie, tool or pair of Dockers. Check out our DIY Kits, they’re perfect for the guys you know and we can get them to your Dads in time.

  1. Paper and Lego Drone Kits – Everyone wants a drone these days and we show you how they work. Both versions of this drone kit utilize high speed mini drone components. Purchase the pre-soldered version and your Dad only needs to build the body and fly. No pilot’s license required.
  2. Bismuth Crystal Kit – This is for your Bill Nye dads out there. This is the perfect kit to start someone on the path of collecting elements (it’s a thing). We provide you with the tools to heat up this block and create the always unique geometric shapes.
  3. Bluetooth Speaker Kit – Know a dad that likes to dance? With this kit, he will understand the source of those tunes. Our simple cube speaker is so fun to build this guy will do the Nay Nay after he’s done.

Forget Amazon Prime this year. We have free shipping too… you just need to order it ASAP. Don’t disappoint Dad. Get him a Kit and tell him to Build it your damn self… he’ll be so proud.

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